Strategic Plan

Our Vision

The Duke Carrillo Foundation accomplishes its mission by honoring Duke’s legacy of leadership, academic excellence, integrity, commitment and service to country, and goal of becoming a naval aviator.

Our Mission

The mission of the Duke Carrillo Foundation is to award scholarships to college bound dependents of military families, financially support individuals pursuing a professional career in aviation, and to provide funding for the Duke Carrillo Scholars Fund at the United States Naval Academy.

Who We Serve

The Duke Carrillo Foundation strives to award scholarships to those individuals who exemplify what it means to “Live Like Duke,” young men and women looking to pursue a professional career in aviation, and United States Naval Academy midshipmen participating in Experiential Leadership Development and Cultural Immersion Programs.

Our Scholarship Programs

The Duke Carrillo Foundation accomplishes its mission in the following ways:

  • Education development for college bound seniors with a family history of military service
  • Leadership development for midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy through Experiential Leadership Development (ELD)
  • Cultural development for midshipmen at United States Naval Academy through Cultural Immersion Program (CIP)
  • Education and mentoring for individuals pursuing a career in professional aviation
  • Advocacy for prevention of sudden cardiac death with 12 lead EKGs pertaining to all military personnel

Our Goals


  • Continue to fund the Live Like Duke and Duke Carrillo Scholars Fund scholarships
  • Establish and implement the Fly For Duke scholarship and professional development program
  • Expand awareness of the mission through social media and marketing
  • Continue to explore new ways of fundraising through Benevity, Facebook, Giving Tuesday, North Texas Giving Day
  • Explore community outreach, speaking engagements at Rotary Clubs, Chamber of Commerce, Boy and Girl Scouts, ROTC and PTAs
  • Engage local media
  • Involve state representatives and senators in the mission of the foundation
  • Nurture future and ongoing relationships with scholarship recipients
  • Continue evaluating and restructuring the scope of the foundation’s primary fundraiser, Live Like Duke Benefit
  • Collaborate with Lion Heart Heroes and expand involvement of awareness of sudden cardiac death in young military personnel and the need for EKGs
  • Develop partnerships and gain sponsorships
  • Grow acknowledgment of donors and levels of financial engagement
  • Grow our volunteer base
  • Attend and research non profit conference and meeting
  • Continuing education of board and committee members