Board of Directors

Gerald Carrillo, President

Jennifer Carrillo, Treasurer

Jennifer is married to Gerald Carrillo and is the proud mother of Duke, Dylan and Jake. Jennifer graduated in 1992 from West Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her primary area of expertise was cardiac nursing with years in the Intensive Care, Cardiac Rehab and advanced data collection for the American College of Cardiology. Jennifer worked for six years at the South Texas Organ Bank as an Organ Recovery Coordinator. She spent many years as the Treasurer for Boy Scouts Troop 451, the Flower Mound High School Football Booster Club and the Flower Mound High School Wrestling Club while all three sons were involved. The last two years were spent establishing the Duke Carrillo Foundation with her husband Gerald. Her goal is to never let a day go by without saying Duke’s name.

Dylan Carrillo

Jake Carrillo

Andrea Carrillo, Secretary

Andrea was born in Pensacola to a naval aviator. After her father got out of the Navy, the family moved to Dallas, Texas where she was raised and went to school. She graduated from Texas Lutheran University in 1988 with a degree in English. Andrea worked as a paralegal in Dallas both at law firms and in corporate legal departments for 13 years. Andrea has been married to Rodney Carrillo since August, 1992. In October, 2001, they welcomed a son, and Andrea began the adventure of a lifetime as a mom to Jay. She stayed busy raising Jay, being a tennis mom, and volunteering. Andrea is a proud aunt of Duke, Dylan and Jake. It is one of her life’s greatest joys to have had a front row seat watching the boys grow up together with Jay. She is committed to honoring Duke’s legacy and feels privileged to be a board member of the Duke Carrillo Foundation.

Paul Bartocci

Paul is the Engineering Technical Leader for Chester, Pennsylvania Operations for Kimberly-Clark Corporation.  A 33-year veteran of the firm, he began his career as a Chemical Engineer out of Western Michigan University

Paul has worked in all facets of a Global Enterprise, including R&D, Business, Marketing, Operational and Engineering.  He has traveled globally throughout Kimberly-Clark’s operations providing support and expertise in solving problems and implementing improvements.

Paul joined the Duke Carrillo Foundation in 2021.  Initially, Paul was drawn to the Carrillo family by his daughter, Krystyna.  Her close relationship with the Carrillo’s allowed Paul to see the love and closeness of this family.  He was honored to be asked to be part of the Board.  His focus now is to honor the legacy of Duke Carrillo specifically at the USNA of which his daughter was a graduate (’22 – Naval Aviation).