IPA Pilots Donation

Thank you for considering a donation to the Duke Carrillo Foundation via the company match donation program, Benevity. Please note that the company matches dollar for dollar up to $1,000 provided funds are still available. We appreciate you donating early in the calendar year if possible.

With gratitude to our donors and Benevity, any one-time $10,000 donations made in a single calendar year provide the Duke Carrillo Foundation an automatic $1,000 match (while funds are available) from Benevity AND generates an additional $1,907 which will be placed in an employee’s account for the employee to donate manually through the company to the Duke Carrillo Foundation.  In the case of a one-time $10,000 donation, the total match then becomes $2,907 for a total donation of $12,907 to the Duke Carrillo Foundation.

  1. To begin, please scan the QR code below with your phone camera or go to Benevity.
  2. Sign in with two step verification.
  3. Enter Duke Carrillo Foundation in the search field.
  4. Select Duke Carrillo Foundation.
  5. “Donate Now” via the yellow button.

Thank you for your donation and support.