2022 “Live Like Duke” Scholarship Recipients

The Duke Carrillo Foundation provides scholarships to graduating seniors from Flower Mound High School. This scholarship was developed to recognize students whose lives exemplify what it means to “Live Like Duke”.

Aidan Gesch

Even though I am deeply saddened by Duke’s untimely passing, my classmates and I are inspired by his story and I am extremely thankful for the Duke Carrillo Foundation. This scholarship will help me pay for the high cost of attending college out of state and serve as a reminder of how important it is to Live Like Duke.

Colin Cashman

I hope to continue Duke’s Legacy of commitment, service, and leadership by giving back to Community, University, Country and mankind. To put others needs in front of my own and to
strive for greatness with integrity. I am once again grateful for the blessing of this scholarship, and I will continue to give my best effort at “Living Like Duke”.

Hailey York

The Live Like Duke Scholarship will assist me in achieving my dream of going to college to pursue a bachelor’s degree with a double major in Marketing and International Business. This scholarship will enable me to afford the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in order to gain the experience necessary to work for the United States Government as an International Trade Specialist one day.  This scholarship will also make it possible for me to afford the costs associated with being a member of the Equestrian Team at the University of Kansas. I am humbled by your generosity, and one day I hope to be able to pay it forward.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for this scholarship.

Kamden Gauldin

I’d like to thank the Duke Carrillo Foundation for providing me with the wonderful opportunity to accept the Live Like Duke Scholarship. I’m an incoming freshman at Texas Woman’s University majoring in psychology. My goal is to one day provide as much help as I can to those who need it. My sister has always told me the importance of putting hard work into the goals you create and to put 100% effort into the things you’re passionate about. I’m so thankful and blessed to have made her proud by getting this scholarship. Your generosity will help aid my college journey of getting my degree, so that I can give back to others in the world as they have done for me. I will continue to aspire to Live Like Duke and make a positive impact on our country just as Duke Carrillo and thousands of brave soldiers before have.

Layla Hoffen

Duke Carrillo’s legacy has opened up so many doors for me and my education. The example that he set while in wrestling at Flower Mound is a standard that I want to continue to try and reach in my future at school, and is exemplary for every young driven leader.  I plan on using this scholarship in the fall to help cover my books while I continue with team sports and get involved with my peers. 

Sam Houck

I’m honored to carry a small but lasting piece of Duke’s outstanding legacy with me into the next step of my life, and to live like Duke did!