2022 Inaugural “Live Like Duke” Scholarship Awarded

The Duke Carrillo Foundation provides scholarships to graduating seniors from Flower Mound High School.

About the Foundation

Duke’s life was one of outstanding leadership, generosity, and selfless care for others. He was also an academic standout, maintaining a GPA of 4.0 while at the Naval Academy. The “Live Like Duke” motto represents the values Duke embraced during his life; leadership, integrity, commitment and service to his country. The Duke Carrillo Foundation honors him by assisting Midshipmen in times of family crises or emergencies. It also provides grants to assist with private pilot training for Midshipmen who are interested in pursuing a career in Naval Aviation. Other opportunities available for assistance include Capstone Projects and international cultural immersion travel.

Support the Mission

Grants awarded by the Duke Carrillo Foundation will make more professional experiences available to a greater number of Midshipmen, as well as help to relieve stress during times of family adversity, leading to better prepared officers for the Navy and Marine Corps.

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Duke’s Story

U.S. Naval Academic Midshipman 3rd Class (sophomore) Duke Carrillo, 21, of Flower Mound, Texas was a natural leader and a role model to many young men and women. He worked his entire life with a constant goal to serve his country. Duke was a 2018 graduate of the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport, Rhode Island, who entered the USNA class of 2022 and was a 4.0 student as a Quantitative Economics major.

It was Saturday afternoon, February 8, 2020, when Duke collapsed during the 1.5 mile run portion of the Physical Readiness Test that is run by all midshipmen every six months at the USNA. The lives of so many were changed in that moment forever. Duke is survived by his parents, Jennifer and Gerald Carrillo and by his twin brother, Dylan Carrillo, and his younger brother, Jake Carrillo. Both brothers are currently Midshipmen in the classes of 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Duke was the kind of man many strive to be. He was humble, accomplished, hard-working, and always knew how to make people laugh. He devoted himself to academics, sports, his family and friends. The Midshipman Duke Carrillo Foundation is a legacy to Duke’s life and a future to those pursuing and supporting an education at the USNA.